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Over 380 FOOTSTEPS articles and over 8,100 articles from seven other Cobblestone Publishing magazines are available in our subscription-based online searchable archives.  Parents and teachers, try the FREE index.

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Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now
Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now

Issue Themes

Each issue of FOOTSTEPS contains nonfiction articles, activities, feature departments, colorful photos and art, and much more!

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Issues listed Alphabetically

Amazing Inventors (FTP0501)
Read about a woman who invented a revolutionary hair treatment... MORE
American Negro Theater (FTP0105)
Join us for a fascinating look at a brief period in time (approximately 11 years) as we go behind the scenes to find out the who, when, where, and why of the American Negro Theater... MORE
At the Movies (FTP0411)
Ready? Then, start the cameras rolling as we travel on site to studios in Hollywood and around the country that paved the way for blacks on screen... MORE
Black Churches (FTP0401)
Heard of the A.M.E. Church? Maybe you know it by the name of Mother Bethel Church... MORE
Black Cowboys and Cowgirls (FTP9903)
Join us as we learn about Bob Lemmons, Nat Love, Bill Pickett and other black cowboys who rode the trails... MORE
Black Folk Art (FTP0305)
Just what is folk art? Is it something you can do? If not now, later?... MORE
Black Immigration to the U.S. (FTP0103)
Travel with us to various parts of the United States and meet African Americans whose ancestors voluntarily chose to emigrate from their homes... MORE
Blacks and the Military (FTP0309)
In the air, on the seas, and on land, African Americans have bravely served their country since colonial days... MORE
Blacks in the Gold Rush (FTP0001)
The "Gold Rush" was a wild time in California. Join us as we follow adventurers and others who sought a better life in the gold fields... MORE
Blacks in Whaling (FTP9905)
Learn why blacks became whalers, what key positions they held, and how their involvement influenced the economic development... MORE
Blacks at the White House (FTP0211)
Travel with us to Washington, D.C., and the White House. Read about African Americans who helped build the president's house... MORE
The Blues (FTP0509)
Get your dancing shoes ready -- FOOTSTEPS has a terrific issue on Blues music just waiting for you!... MORE
Cape Verde Islands (FTP0109)
Join us at the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean: the Cape Verde Islands. Find out why they became the crossroads... MORE
Civil War Reconstruction (FTP0409)
Wonder what really happened after the Confederate states surrendered?... MORE
Colonial Slavery (FTP0205)
Ever wonder how and why slavery began in the United States? Or, whether the U.S. was where the practice of slavery started?... MORE
Early Music (FTP0203)
"Kumbaya," "Were You There?," "Free At Last" - sound familiar? Turn the radio on, flip the channels on the TV... MORE
Folktales and Folklore (FTP0605)
Heard of trickster tales? How about Brer Rabbit and the Flying Africans?... MORE
The Great Migration (FTP0209)
When African Americans read in a Chicago newspaper that they should move North, that opportunities were better there, many choose to take the advice... MORE
Harlem's Photographer--James VanDerZee (FTP0511)
Want to meet a master photographer? Here's your chance! Let's see if you can guess who? His career spanned almost a century. He was known as "Harlem's Photographer"... MORE
Heroes of Early America (FTP0601)
You've heard of Crispus Attucks and his role in the American Revolution, now join us as we explore the stories of African-Americans who fought both for and against the colonists... MORE
Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance (FTP0403)
From "The Simple Stories" to "Don't You want To Be Free", there's nothing dull or uninteresting about Langston Hughes... MORE
Liberia (FTP0101)
Travel with us to Liberia, Africa's oldest republic. Find out why thousands of African Americans chose to leave the United States in the 1800s... MORE
Malcolm X (FTP0603)
Who was Malcolm X? What does the X mean? What did he really believe?... MORE
Mansa Musa (FTP9909)
Join us as we turn back the pages of history and visit the kingdom of Mali... MORE
Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Morehouse Years (FTP0111)
Martin Luther King, Jr., entered Morehouse College at 15 years old, and it was there... MORE
Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry (FTP9901)
Meet the men who joined the Massachusetts 54th Regiment and learn how their determination won them... MORE
From Montgomery to Birmingham (FTP0005)
Join us for an exciting issue of FOOTSTEPS as we focus on three key events in the Civil Rights Movement... MORE
Negro Leagues Baseball (FTP0003)
Get your baseball bat and cap and join us as we meet the players and managers of the Negro Baseball Leagues... MORE
Paul Robeson (FTP0311)
Meet an American singer whose albums have been hits for more than 60 years... MORE
Railroad Life (FTP0201)
Hop aboard for a journey on the rails crisscrossing the United States... MORE
Sally Hemings (FTP9911)
Read about Sally Hemings and the other slaves who lived and worked on Thomas Jefferson's estate... MORE
Science Pioneers (FTP0405)
Like peanut butter? How about refined sugar?... MORE
Sengbe and the Amistad (FTP9805)
In the charter issue of FOOTSTEPS, read about the life of Sengbe and his people in their homeland of Mende... MORE
Slavery at Mount Vernon (FTP0011)
Turn back the pages of history and learn from old records, personal notes, and long-forgotten pictures... MORE
Thurgood Marshall and Civil Rights (FTP0303)
Ever hear of the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education?... MORE
Toussaint Louverture and Haiti (FTP0009)
Travel with us to Haiti, the world's first black Republic. Meet Toussaint Louverture... MORE
Underground Railroad (FTP0301)
Climb aboard for a ride that's sure to have you holding your breath at times... MORE
Women Writers (FTP0503)
Here's a chance to meet several of today's up and coming women writers... MORE
World-Class Athletes (FTP0505)
Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, the Williams sisters -- everyone's heard the names!... MORE

Issues listed by Date

Past Themes from 1998 - 1999:

Charter Issue: Sengbe and the Amistad (FTP9805)
January 1999: Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry (FTP9901)
March 1999: Black Cowboys and Cowgirls (FTP9903)
May 1999: Blacks in Whaling (FTP9905)

Past Themes from 1999 - 2000:

September 1999: Mansa Musa (FTP9909)
November 1999: Sally Hemings (FTP9911)
January 2000: Blacks in the Gold Rush (FTP0001)
March 2000: Negro Leagues Baseball (FTP0003)
May 2000: From Montgomery to Birmingham (FTP0005)

Past Themes from 2000 - 2001:

September 2000: Toussaint Louverture and Haiti (FTP0009)
November 2000: Slavery at Mount Vernon (FTP0011)
January 2001: Liberia (FTP0101)
March 2001: Black Immigration to the U.S. (FTP0103)
May 2001: American Negro Theater (FTP0105)

Past Themes from 2001 - 2002:

September/October 2001: Cape Verde Islands (FTP0109)
November/December 2001: Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Morehouse Years (FTP0111)
January/February 2002: Railroad Life (FTP0201)
March/April 2002: Early Music (FTP0203)
May/June 2002: Colonial Slavery (FTP0205)

Past Themes for 2002 - 2003:

September/October 2002: The Great Migration(FTP0209)
November/December 2002: Blacks at the White House(FTP0211)
January/February 2003: Underground Railroad(FTP0301)
March/April 2003: Thurgood Marshall and Civil Rights(FTP0303)
May/June 2003: Black Folk Art(FTP0305)

Past Themes for 2003 - 2004:

September/October 2003: Blacks and the Military(FTP0309)
November/December 2003: Paul Robeson(FTP0311)
January/February 2004: Black Churches(FTP0401)
March/April 2004: Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance(FTP0403)
May/June 2004: Science Pioneers(FTP0405)

Past Themes for 2004 - 2005:

September/October 2004: Civil War Reconstruction(FTP0409)
November/December 2004: At the Movies(FTP0411)
January/February 2005: Amazing Inventors(FTP0501)
March/April 2005: Women Writers(FTP0503)
May/June 2005: World-Class Athletes(FTP0505)

Themes for 2005 - 2006:

September/October 2005: The Blues(FTP0509)
November/December 2005: Harlem's Photographer--James VanDerZee(FTP0511)
January/February 2006: Heroes of Early America(FTP0601)
March/April: Malcolm X(FTP0603)
May/June: Folktales and Folklore(FTP0605)

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