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Blacks and the Military -- September/October 2003

In the air, on the seas, and on land, African Americans have bravely served their country since colonial days. Their efforts may have taken a bit of time to be recognized, but there's certainly no questioning their bravery. Meet a surviving Tuskegee airman. Read about the Golden Thirteen and their adventures on the seas. March fearlessly into combat with the 369th -- the Harlem Hellfighters. Read, too, of the women and the nurses who faced death to help along the front lines. Keep real quiet as you watch Harriet Tubman and James Armistead go behind enemy lines and intercept enemy information. Experience the emotions of a POW downed behind enemy lines. And, there's much more -- so, pretend you're a correspondent on assignment and travel with FOOTSTEPS along the front lines of history.

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