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Footsteps -- African American Heritage

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Over 380 FOOTSTEPS articles and over 8,100 articles from seven other Cobblestone Publishing magazines are available in our subscription-based online searchable archives.  Parents and teachers, try the FREE index.

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Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now
Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now

About Cobblestone Publishing Company

Cobblestone Publishing has been producing high-quality nonfiction magazines for young readers since 1980. Our philosophy is that nonfiction, whether it deals with American or world history, world cultures, archaeology, or science, should be a combination of fascinating pleasure reading and factual resource material that educates and enlightens. Cobblestone Publishing's magazines let young people experience the pleasure of reading through an accurate, fascinating, and authoritative resource that is appropriate in the library, the classroom, and the home.

Two teachers who were looking for a way to promote reading and history to children developed the idea for COBBLESTONE magazine in 1979. Their legacy is now a successful publishing company that produces seven theme-based magazines - covering the areas of American history (COBBLESTONE), cultures and geography (FACES), world history (CALLIOPE), science and space (ODYSSEY), African American heritage (FOOTSTEPS), general social studies / reading (APPLESEEDS), and archaeology (DIG). All of the magazines strive to educate and entertain through a creative mix of articles, primary source documents, photographs, and illustrations, as well as fun activities, puzzles, and cartoons.

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Cobblestone Publishing works with consulting editors, writers, historians, professors, museum curators, teachers, and others who are noted authorities in their particular fields of study. This quality-focused and accurate content approach has earned Cobblestone Publishing praise and awards from the Parents' Choice Foundation, the Freedoms Foundation, and the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress). Cobblestone Publishing's magazines has been praised in the New York Times, Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, on numerous television shows, including the Today show, and in several homeschooling, library, and teaching publications. In addition, Cobblestone Publishing's magazine are part of the recommended reading list for meeting the national Middle School Performance Standards for English and Language Arts.

In July 2000, Cobblestone Publishing joined forces with the Cricket Magazine Group, publisher of the award-winning children's literary "bug" magazines BABYBUG, LADYBUG, SPIDER, CRICKET, and CICADA, as well as the adventure and discovery magazines MUSE, ASK, and CLICK. In its almost 30 years, the Cricket Magazine Group has redefined and expanded the role of children's publishing through its magazine and book divisions by putting quality first. That mission will continue and grow with the acquisition of Cobblestone Publishing.

"We know what high quality is," says Jack Olbrych, publisher of the Cricket Magazine Group, commenting on the company's philosophy. "We create material that is stimulating and challenging, we do not talk down to children, and we do not rely on market surveys to tell us what kids like. We select the best articles, stories, and art in a way that inspires and challenges. We will not sink to the level of the lowest common denominator. Rather, we will lead the rest of the industry to higher standards of excellence."

Together, Cobblestone Publishing and the Cricket Magazine Group are the premier publisher of children's magazines in the country.

Cobblestone Publishing continues to be located in the small, picturesque town of Peterborough, New Hampshire. The Cricket Magazine Group is located on the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal corridor in Peru, Illinois. Together, our magazines travel the world, bringing intriguing facts, photos, history, stories, and more to young readers in all corners of the globe.

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