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Over 380 FOOTSTEPS articles and over 8,100 articles from seven other Cobblestone Publishing magazines are available in our subscription-based online searchable archives.  Parents and teachers, try the FREE index.

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Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now
Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now

Free Activities
Pick an activity that sounds interesting to you, and click on its title to view it. Teachers! These activities download easily, so feel free to use them in your classroom, with the corresponding issues of FOOTSTEPS or on their own.

Help Wanted: Detectives
Learn all about how to research history, including what happened on the day you were born.
Unscramble the Players
Unscramble these jumbled letters to find the names of 10 famous Negro Leagues baseball players.
Try Testing Gold
Use this experiment to discover one of the reasons why gold is so precious.
'Panning' for Gold
Figure out this word find puzzle, full of vocabulary from the California Gold Rush.
Reading Cattle "Brand" Names
Learn how ranchers in the Old West kept track of which cattle were theirs, then make up names and "code symbols" for your own ranch.
Let's Make Journey Cakes
Try this recipe to experience one of the more common foods eaten by troops in the Civil War.
Say What?
Read several wise sayings from Africa.