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Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now
Tell Me a Story: Folktales Then and Now

Recommended Links

The Africana Heritage Project
The project was established in order to assist African Americans who are researching their family histories. Their mission is to rediscover those valuable records that document the names and lives of slaves, freedpersons, and their descendants.

The History of Jim Crow
An educator's site that presents teachers with new historical resources and teaching ideas on one of the most shameful periods in American history, an era of segregation, lynching, and disfranchisement of African Americans that tore at the very fabric of the nation.

Slavery in America
An educator's site designed to offer social studies and English teachers resources on the institution of American slavery that were previously unavailable or difficult to access. This site focuses on the experience of individuals who were enslaved. Narratives, both spoken and written, images, and biographies of enslaved men, women, and young people emphasize the human face of slavery. Literature by and about the slavery experience further illuminate the individual stories, sometimes tragic and sometimes heroic, that came out of more than 240 years of American slavery. The goal is to restore the dignity of individual identity to the enslaved.
Gateway to African-American History From the International Programs office of the U.S. Department of State, this site has been established to assist its international audience in acquiring information on the rich and varied contributions of African-Americans to the culture and history of the United States and the world. Updated throughout the year, the Gateway includes documents, articles, Internet sites and other resources which honor and acknowledge the accomplishments of African-Americans.
African American Homeschoolers Network The African American Homeschoolers Network is an organization established for families seeking educational resources. They provide information on the following: educational materials, assistance in finding home school support groups, and cultural activities. They offer a quarterly newsletter, annual directory, conferences and workshops, networking events, youth activities, and vendor discounts.
The African American Registry A unique calendar-based series of Black American accomplishments from before the Mayflower to the present, also available in audio and video formats for broadcast. Additionally, the Web site contains a poetry and lyrics link which holds collected works of both genres of Black culture.
United Negro College Fund "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." The mission of the UNCF is to enhance the quality of education by providing financial assistance to deserving students, raising operating funds for member colleges and universities, and increasing access to technology for students and faculty at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Since its inception in 1944, UNCF has grown to become the nation's oldest and most successful African American education assistance organization.
Association of African American Museums AAAM serves black museums and cultural institutions, as well as black museum professionals, in order to enhance the ability of member museums to meet the needs and interests of persons of African ancestry and those who wish to know more about the art, history, and culture of African-derived cultures. The web site includes a museum locator service, a virtual gallery, and related links.
Lesson Plan Archive from the New York Times Learning Network The archive contains hundreds of free lesson plans for grades 6-12. You may perform a keyword search to retrieve a lesson, browse the archive by subject, or scroll down the page to view the most recently published lessons.
Images of African Americans from the 19th Century This site is an excellent resource for information on African Americans in 1800s America. Search by topic or key words to find images on all aspects of life in the eventful period of American history.
The Underground Railroad - virtual journey Freedom means a hard, dangerous trek. Do you try it? This wonderfully designed sight is full of historic documents, interesting facts, and colorful graphics.
Underground Railroad Visit this site to learn about the Underground Railroad, the Abolitionist movement, the Fugitive Slave Bill of 1850, and biographies of key figures. Also features a map of the Underground Railroad!
Africa Access This online journal reviews and annotates more than 800 materials on Africa for K - 12 classrooms. The brainchild of Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, creator of the Africana encyclopedia, this site is education-focused, containing articles on current news events in the United States and abroad, as well as Art, Heritage, Lifestyle, and Homefront features, among others.
ProTeacher! African-American in History lesson plans This annotated list of links to African American history lesson plans covers a good range of topics.
Education First: Black History Activities This site includes a Black History Treasure Hunt, information on the Tuskegee Tragedy, and more.
Internet African American History Challenge An interactive quiz designed to sharpen your knowledge of African American History. Level I is the easiest and has 7 questions while levels II & III have 10 questions each and are a bit more challenging.
Civil War Cartoons Looks at the portrayal of African Americans in cartoons during the Civil War.
Seacoast NH Black History - Portsmouth Elders Features interviews with various elderly African American living in New Hampshire.
Seacoast NH Black History A short excerpt from William C. Nell's book about African Americans in the American Revolution. This segment portrays New Hampshire's "colored patriots."
Martin Luther King, Jr. Come to Seattle to learn about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and times. This site offers an interactive quiz, terrific articles, and links to other sites about this great man.
Black Soldiers Without Swords A PBS film about the Black Press. Includes summary of the film, potential activities, and alternate resources. This site invites you to "Come in, publish, view stories left by others, find out about national events, and chat. It's your history, make it happen!"
Black Facts Online Use this site to research significant Black Facts by key word or category. Also search for important events that happened on a given day!
Afro-American History: The record of a race of indomitable people surviving the diaspora This site contains a comprehensive list of African American history links accompanied by explanatory summaries. Includes topics ranging from Black American Heritage Month to Black Filmmaker Oscar Micheaux to Gullah Language and Culture.
African American Web Connections This site covers many aspects of African American culture from business to churches, from poetry to history, in an easy-to-follow, dynamic way.
National Black Herstory Task Force National Black Herstory Task Force, Inc. An organization whose purpose is to research, document and celebrate the lives of women of African descent and their alliances.
History For Children This site features an annotated lists of recommended sites which focus on the African American experience in history.
Black History Quest This site features an extraordinary rang of African-American history, culture, and black studies resources in the form of links.
African Americans in History View a collection of biographies of many prominent African American historical figures, including Sojourner Truth, James Langston Hughes, and Harriet Tubman.
Multicultural Pavillion - Multicultural Paths Read full-text works online! This site features a list of African American literature links.
The Museum of Afro American History, Boston Massachusetts Visit this site to learn about Boston's Black Heritage Trail and to find valuable links.
African Voices at the Smithsonian African Voices is an exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History that examines the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa's peoples and cultures over time in the realms of family, work, community,and the natural environment.
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Enjoy a collection of narratives, photos and original documents from the New York Public Library.
African American Mosaic Exhibition This site is part of the American Treasures collection and contains narratives and photos you can download.
Art Noir Showcase Each month the journal explores the art of African America, Caribbean America, Afro-Latin America. This is your pathway to artists, collectors, galleries, libraries, museums, exhibitions, publications; will include a directory of national fine art services specializing in the Art of the Diaspora.
Baseball History and Spirit While not an African American site per se, it includes a detailed and well-thought-out section on the Negro Leagues.
Black Books Galore Founded in 1992 by three African American mothers, who, as the result of their challenges in finding quality books for their own children, dedicated themselves to identifying and distributing great African American children's books.